Support 4 Housing Emergency Housing Fund

Support4Recovery has been acutely aware that the most important issue facing individuals and families in recovery is the lack of affordable housing.  Upon completion of treatment, many individuals find themselves homeless or living in a homeless shelter.  While shelters can provide an opportunity for people who might otherwise be living on the street, these shelters do not always offer a clean and sober living environment.  In some circumstances, treatment providers will try to extend the length of treatment so individuals have a safe place to stay.  In 2013, Support4Recovery started the Support4Housing Emergency Fund that helps individuals in recovery find safe, affordable places to live.


Seeking Funding For Program Expansion In 2019

There are very limited options for housing women and children in our area. Too often, mothers are left with no other alternative than to return to where they came from before they were in recovery. This means that they could be back with their dope dealer or abuser‐‐be it physical, emotional or financial‐‐ or back under the bridge where they may have been living.  The only shelter in the area, Shelter, Inc., has a waiting list that can sometimes take months to get into.

Being a mother can be stressful and the need for a stable and safe environment is a necessity for continued recovery.  When Mom is able to have a home to care for her children, she can then look for employment.  She can also do the things that are recommended to maintain her recovery like practice self‐care, model good behavior and set healthy boundaries for herself and her children.  Having a place to call home helps build self‐esteem, not only for mom, but for the family as a whole.

Women in recovery need support and encouragement to succeed.  Safe and affordable housing provides the biggest benefit in recovery to a mom and her children, yet is one of the biggest challenges they face.

Quotes from Current Recipients

“Thank You because I know one of the keys to my staying clean is having a positive, stable living situation”

“Support4Recovery has impacted my life greatly”

“Without your help I would not have been able to stay clean”

“Having a place to live makes it possible for me to seek employment and do the things I need to do to take care of myself”

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