Healthy Smiles, Healthy Bodies Dental Program


Studies have shown that preventative dental care promotes good health, boosts self-esteem and can be an important factor to personal success.  As individuals begin their recovery journey and start to rebuild their lives, gaining employment becomes one of their main goals. Going on job interviews with damaged or missing teeth not only keeps someone from smiling but it also greatly affects their self-esteem, which can impact their chances at getting a job. In 2009, Support4Recovery, in partnership with the Contra Costa County Dental Program, identified a need for no cost or low cost dental care for those in recovery. As a result, Support4Recovery created the Healthy Smiles, Healthy Bodies Dental Grant to fill an unmet need to members of the recovery community. Our first grant was awarded in 2011 and because of the success and positive feedback we have received from grant recipients; we continue to fundraise in hopes of expanding this service.


Quotes from Current Recipients

“For a longtime I was embarrassed to smile and even participate at my child’s school because of how my teeth looked”

“I found myself being less confident and paralyzed by my continuous reminder of my past”

“As a result of being a recipient the way that I feel about myself and the way that I am in the world has changed”

“I no longer shy away from speaking with people and I engage other parents at my child’s school”

“My hope is that more women will have the opportunity that I did”

“I work a full time job and I know that had my teeth not been fixed I wouldn’t have even attempted to seek employment out of shame”

“I am grateful that I was chosen to get the help that I needed to smile again. It had been about 5 years since I had last smiled”

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