Tom Aswad – Chief Financial Officer and Co-founder

Tom has been a resident of Contra Costa County for over sixty years. Tom has been a property manager and owner for forty-two years.  In 1991 at thirty one years old he went through a twenty-eight day residential program at Mt. Diablo Hospital in Concord and has been clean since then.

In 1993 he was appointed to serve on the Contra Costa Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board appointed by the County Board of Supervisors in which he served until 2007. He had served as both Chair and Vice- Chair for a combined time of almost nine years.  Most recently in September of 2014 Tom was reappointed to that Board.

Over the years Tom has sat on many community based committees and boards including the Little Hoover Commission in Sacramento where he was asked to address adolescent treatment. Tom has also testified before the Contra Costa County Grand Jury regarding adolescent treatment.  Tom’s work in this area increased adolescent treatment funding in Contra Costa County.

Tom served as State and National liaison for Partners in Recovery Alliance of Contra Costa County. PIRA was a grassroots organization that trained its members on the power of the voice of recovery when it comes to advocating for local politics that effect treatment and prevention. He was invited to Washington D.C. by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment to facilitate a workshop on ensuring that the grassroots voice is heard.

Tom has been successful with local advocacy which has led to many changes within the Alcohol and Other Drugs system. He also has been recognized by the PTA for his work around a very comprehensive California Healthy Kids Survey in Contra Costa County.  Tom was also honored by the California Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators Association of California for the re-introduction of Narcotics Anonymous back into the Contra Costa County jail system. He has also sat on the HIV Prevention Planning group for Contra Costa County. That work led to the successful advocacy of needle exchange in Contra Costa County. Tom was also instrumental with the building of Discovery House in Martinez which is a forty- bed men’s residential treatment program. Tom also founded the Sober Living Task Force of Contra Costa County which led to the building of the new Gayle Uilkema’s House transitional living facility in Martinez.  He is currently volunteering with the Addiction Recovery Counseling program which is an inmate peer to peer treatment program inside San Quentin Prison. The San Quentin program also aids in the certification of the inmates to become CAADAC counselors.

Tom’s commitment has always been to serve those who do not have or feel that they have an important voice and expertise to share with local politicians. For many year’s he had seen the need for a support system for people in recovery and the need for their voice to be heard. That is why he co-founded Support4Recovery in 2007 along with Judy Bastin and Amy Alanes.

Daniel S. Petersen

Daniel’s number one focus in his life today is his recovery.  He feels that without it, nothing else is possible.  His addiction caught up with him very early in life.  While the age 15 his parents had placed him into a residential rehabilitation center, in which during that time he was introduced to recovery and the 12 Steps.  He understood it very well during the time he was in rehab and started to develop the desire to want to stay clean.  But unfortunately, when he finished his program, he had not quite developed the desire to follow direction.   His addiction, unmanageability and problems in life had growingly increased until the age of 27 when he ultimately got a moment of clarity and found himself alone.

He decided that he needed to make a change and placed himself into New Bridge Foundation’s residential program in Berkeley, CA.  Upon entering treatment this time around, he was able to recall the memories of his childhood in rehab.  Again, he took to recovery very well and this time he knew he had to follow the direction in which he was given in order to succeed.

During the time at New Bridge Foundation Daniel decided that he wanted to become a counselor, so that he could give back to the people suffering the horrible disease of addiction.    He had enrolled in Merritt College where he completed his certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and then became a Registered Addiction Specialist through Breining Institute in Sacramento, CA.   He did his internships at Options Recovery and New Bridge Foundation, both located in Berkeley, CA.   Shortly after completing his education, Daniel lived in Oakland for awhile, but soon moved out to Contra Costa County

Ken Major

Ken’s parents moved to California in 1966 and settle in Contra Costa County in 1970. Ken attended California High School in San Ramon in the late 1970’s and UC Davis in the early 1980’s. He moved back to the Bay Area after college and has worked in Finance and Real Estate Management.

Ken began volunteering and working with Support4Recovery about 8 years ago, he became a Board member in 2015.

Today Ken lives in Walnut Creek and has 3 children. His youngest is a high school student in Walnut Creek.

Anastasia Stephanopoulos – Board President

Anastasia Stephanopoulos has resided in Contra Costa County since 1995. She attended John F. Kennedy Law School from 1989-1994. After passing the California Bar she worked as a Deputy District Attorney in Solano County. She resigned from the DA’s office when she gave birth to her third child. It was her desire to spend more time raising her young family. In 1999 she passed her real estate exam has been selling residential real estate since then. She currently works for J Rockcliff Realtors in Walnut Creek.

Anastasia approached Support4Recovery’s Board in 2015 to discuss her desire to help the cause because her son has been battling a heroin addiction for the past several years. He currently is in rehab and it is her hope that her son will learn to live a sober and productive life in recovery. She’s passionate about bringing awareness to the disease and raising money to support programs in Contra Costa County where people are living their life in recovery.

Tamara Steiner – Board Vice President

Tamara Steiner is the editor and publisher of The Pioneer newspapers. She has a BA in political science and an MBA from CalState East Bay (formerly Cal State Hayward). 

She has more than three decades of sobriety and served on the Board of Directors of BiBett Corporation, alcohol and drug dependency treatment facilities, for 13 years. She is married with six grown children and lives in Clayton, CA.

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